Moravian College Partners with Extension Engine

by Extension Engine | May 21, 2019

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Extension Engine, a leading provider of Custom Learning Experiences, announced it was selected by Moravian College to help the private, liberal arts school create and launch its first graduate business online learning program, a Master of Science in Predictive Analytics (MSPA), and establish a foundation for further innovation and additional degree programs.

Moravian’s MSPA program features a combination of real-world course content, leadership development exercises, and team-based learning experiences to prepare students for careers in Data Science, Market Research, Analytics, Business Operations and other data-intensive professions. The program features a leadership and communication focus to strengthen students’ ability to lead people and drive informed decision-making and actionable learning experiences to enable students to apply new skills immediately and in future careers.

“Moravian has an impressive history of innovation and a strong commitment to its students,” said Scott Moore, Principal Learning Strategist, Extension Engine. “It has been obvious from the beginning that the entire team — including the Provost, the CFO, administration, and select faculty members — is committed to delivering excellent online learning both in and out of the classroom. All have been involved in every stage of the process to ensure the programs are consistent with Moravian’s unique pedagogy and its history of innovation leadership.”

In addition to the creation of the MSPA program, Extension Engine worked with Moravian to help create a foundation for its online pedagogy, including establishing learning goals, creating instructional plans and policies, training faculty, and developing marketing strategies.

“Our partnership with Extension Engine helped us strengthen our commitment to innovation and define our unique approach to online learning,” said Scott Dams, Dean of Graduate Enrollment at Moravian College. “We are confident that our new Online Master of Science in Predictive Analytics program will engage a broader base of students and prepare our graduates for careers in the growing field of data analytics.”

“At Moravian, our focus is on every organization’s most important asset — the people — so we vow to build the human capital to effectively use predictive analytics,” said Katie P. Desiderio, Executive Director, Graduate Business Programs, Moravian College. This will encourage agility at the individual, group and organizational levels, which is driven by a values-identification approach to work.”

About Moravian College

Moravian College is a private coeducational liberal arts college, located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, offering undergraduate and graduate degrees. For more than 275 years, the Moravian College degree has been based on a liberal arts curriculum where literature, history, science, cultural values, global issues, ethics, artistic expression, and the social sciences are infused with multidisciplinary perspectives. Visit to learn more about how the Moravian College liberal arts curriculum prepares its students for life-long success.

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